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Planning, Architecture and Design
Our planning, architecture, and design service provides solution plans and technical architecture and design for applications, infrastructure, and business solutions. Based on a proven approach, our services include assessment and review documents that are developed in-house.
Deliverables include architecture and design documents and a complete project plan, including Vision/Scope and outline of key phases, milestones, resource requirements, major dependencies, and risks. Services are provided by an on-site consultant and typically last from a few days to several weeks.
We analyze the structure of IT management. Considerations include type of administration, such as centralized or decentralized; funding model; outsourcing; decision-making process, and change-management process.
This includes
•the company model and the geographical scope. Models include regional, national, international, subsidiary, and branch offices.
•information flow, communication flow, service and product life cycles, and decision-making.
•the existing and planned organizational structures. Considerations include management model; company organization; vendor, partner, and customer relationships; and acquisition plans.
•technical requirements.
•company size and user and
•resource distribution.
•net available bandwidth and latency issues.
•performance, availability, and scalability requirements of services.
•data and system access patterns.
•security considerations.
•the impact of infrastructure design on the existing and planned technical environment.
•network infrastructure, protocols, and hosts.
•TCP/IP infrastructure.
•technical support structure.
•the network requirements for client computer access..
•end-user work needs, end-user usage patterns.
•the existing disaster recovery strategy for client computers, servers, and the network.
•existing and planned network and systems management.
We identify factors that influence company strategies. This includes
•company priorities
•projected growth and growth strategy.
•relevant laws and regulations.
•the company's tolerance for risk.
•the total cost of operations.
•existing and planned upgrades and rollouts
We evaluate the company's existing and planned technical environment and goals and existing network services. We will assess
•the available connectivity between the geographic location of worksites and remote sites.
•current applications.
•current hardware.
The Design Phase of a Network Infrastructure will vary depending on the analysis and evaluation summaries.
This will include modification and design of a network topology if necessary, a TCP/IP networking strategy, DHCP strategy, DNS services, distributed file system (Dfs) and internet connectivity.
We will design Internet and extranet access solution. Components of the solution could include proxy server, firewall, routing and remote access, Network Address Translation (NAT), connection sharing, web server, or mail server.
Design of a WAN infrastructure, and an implementation strategy for dial-up remote access.
This will include a Management and Implementation Strategy for a Windows 2000/NT4.0 Network and a strategy for monitoring and managing Windows 2000/NT4.0 network services. Services include global catalog, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) services, Certificate Services, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Routing and Remote Access, Proxy Server, and Dfs.
Resource strategy.
•plan for the placement and management of resources.
•plan for growth.
•plan for decentralized or centralized resources.