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Network Security
How to keep hackers out and personal data in? Every minute your computer is online, it's vulnerable to intrusions and information theft. That's true no matter what kind of Internet connection you have.
All firewalls and anti virus software is useless if anybody in the office can walk up to your server and access your data locally.
Network Security starts in your office and your best insurance is prevention. We will analyze internal and external security risks and implement
•Controlling access to resources
•Auditing access to resources
•Virtual Private Network Tunneling
•Terminal Server/Services
•Integrated IP Security camera Systems
•Firewalls, VPN, Encryption, Authentication
•Group Policies
•Active Directory
All based on your specific needs.
Security Services
Technoeasy will design a security baseline for a Windows 2000/2003/NT4.0 network that includes domain controllers, operations masters, application servers, file and print servers, RAS servers, desktop computers, portable computers, and kiosks.
We will identify the required level of security for each resource. Resources include printers, files, shares, Internet access, and dial-in access.
Security Solutions include audit policies, authority strategies, placement and inheritance of security policies for sites, domains, and organizational units, Encrypting File System strategy and authentication strategies.
Authentication Methods include certificate-based authentication, Kerberos authentication, clear-text passwords, digest authentication, smart cards, NTLM, RADIUS, and SSL.
Network services security include DNS security, RIS security, SNMP security and Terminal Services security, Security Solution for access between networks, public and private.
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